Diana Steinmetz
Set free



I love it when people encounter God. Since I personally came to know God more deeply through dance, two passions have become inseparable: my love for Jesus and my love for dance. I choreograph and dance so that atmospheres are changed, people are healed and Jesus becomes visible.
My particular desire is to fill venues with new life. Whether on modern theatre stages or in historic church buildings, as a dancer and choreographer I love to draw from life, tell stories with dance and inspire the audience to reflect. You can find past performances here. 


In 2018, I gave up my job as a political scientist in development cooperation to have more time to dance. I have been living in Berlin since August 2018, where I completed a full-time training programme to become a contemporary dancer.
I meet many people who are longing to experience God in new creative ways. If you want to experience God in your own movement, please invite me for a workshop. You can find more information under Offers.