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Have you always wanted to experience God in motion?

Then you've come to the right place!

 God loves creativity and movement. In 'Encountering God' workshops, we use movement and creative methods to encounter ourselves and God.  Again and again, participants experience that God's words suddenly slip from the mind into the heart. Those who want to encounter God 'with all their being' have the opportunity to do just that in the workshop under guidance. All programmes are for men and women.

Feel free to invite me to your church or group!

"That was really strong!"

Quote from a workshop participant

 Dance course 'Psalm 34' - dance improvisation

Mai - June 2024 in Berlin




Join us and explore Psalm 34 through dance!

Contents of the course: Dance improvisation

Experience God's presence through guided dance improvisation and moving processes. This course focuses on dance improvisation. The course does not follow a fixed choreography, but works with the movements that arise in the moment.
After the warm-up, we will take time to read Psalm 34. Under guidance, you will be introduced to movement improvisation and learn to develop your own movements using verses from Psalm 34.
We will also take time to arrive in the now and create space for an encounter with God through movement.  The dance classes take place at The Limelight Collective in Berlin-Prezlauer Berg.

When: 6 Wednesday evenings, 7 pm - 8:15 pm, 15. of May to 26. of June 2024
Where: The Limelight Collective, Kastanienallee 71, 10435 Berlin
For whom?: Dance course for all new beginners and advanced dancers who want to experience God through dance. No previous experience necessary.  I am convinced that God has created you uniquely and is pleased with the movement you can make with your body on that very day. Offer for men and women.
How much: 6 evenings: 90€ (please let me know if this is too much for you, but you would still like to take part)

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Dance from the inside out - inspired by Bible verses - dance workshop

April 13, 2024 - Amberg, Bavaria 

Are you looking for new ways to express yourself through movement and dance? Are you looking for a time-out to pause and come back to yourself?

We want to get moving and dance together.
After we have taken time to come to rest with ourselves, we will get creative and create dance. We don't learn a choreography, but each of us works with our own movements that arise in the moment. Verses from the Bible help us to find inspiration for the movement. Through movement, we not only want to experience ourselves, but also look for new ways to experience God. An offer for men and women. You don't need any previous experience. An offer in cooperation with the Evangelisches Bildungswerk Oberpfalz. Please register there. See information below:


When: Sat 13.04.2024, 9.30 - 16.00 o'clock

Where: St. Konrad parish hall, Ahnherrnstraße 10, 92224 Amberg
How much: 60 €
Registration with: EBW Oberpfalz, ebw.oberpfalz@elkb.de or 0049 9622 6079426
Further information: EBW Oberpfalz



Diana Steinmetz loves working with people who are curious to experience themselves and God in new ways. She herself rediscovered her faith in God through dance and draws a lot of strength from it. Since then, she has been creating spaces in which amateurs and professionals alike can try out exactly that: Reconnect with themselves through movement and draw new strength for everyday life.
In 2018, she gave up her job as a political scientist in development cooperation to dance even more. She has lived in Berlin since August 2018, where she completed further training as a contemporary dancer and is also continuing her education in dance education. She can regularly be seen as a contemporary dancer in stage productions throughout Germany.

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Spring freshness - dance workshop
April 20, 2024 - Giessen



Contents of the spring freshness dance workshop

Inspired by the beauty of flowers, you will be introduced to movement improvisation under guidance. You will learn to develop your own
to develop your own movements. The workshop does not follow a fixed choreography, but works with the movements that arise in the moment. Together we take time to arrive in the now and let Jesus speak to our hearts through movement. We also use Bible verses for this. How can I blossom? What does God want to say to me?

When: Saturday, 20 April 2024 from 3-6 p.m.
Where: Evangelical City Mission Giessen, Löberstr. 14
Who is it for? Anyone and everyone. I am convinced that God has created you uniquely and is happy about the movement you can do with your body on that very day. No previous experience necessary. This workshop is just for you if you want to experience God beyond the mind and have a desire for movement.
How much: Workshop ticket 45€/ reduced 40€ (Talk to me if you would like to participate but it is financially difficult for you at the moment)

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Would you like a workshop in your neighbourhood? I would be happy to come to your community or town. Just leave me a message in the contact form. Together we will find the right concept for your group. Each workshop has a focus in consultation. The focus can be thematic (God's forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, God's love) or methodical (prophetic dance, worship dance, danced intercession...).  We work with guided improvisation and, if desired, with choreography. The workshops can be booked for individuals, churches, dance groups and much more. They are open to all ages and genders. No previous knowledge necessary.

"I was able to really come into contact with myself today and appreciate myself.  I realised that I have to love myself before I can love someone else."

Quote from a workshop participant